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Slither Inn Reptile Shop is a pop-up shop located in Fairbanks Alaska specializing in helping “Derps who love Herps” to better their captive-care husbandry!

We offer PVC enclosures on occasion, refurbished enclosures as we fix them up and can take on custom enclosures builds as well.

PM us if you are interested in a custom build or anything we have listed COMING SOON or FOR SALE now.

Custom Reptile Habitats
4x2x2 PVC enclosures in stock now!


PVC Enclosures and interior background and walls are For Sale!

These 4x2x2 PVC enclosures and supplies are high quality, easily customized for lighting options and perfect for high humidity needing reptiles like ball pythons or arid loving bearded dragons.

All of these products are directly sourced from Custom Reptile Habitats. Full product details available on the links below.

Evolution 4 PVC Enclosure 2.0 – 48 L x 24 W x 24 H
$565.95 USD
PCV enclosure, with cutouts that you can choose to properly heat and light your animal.

Want to improve and provide extra enrichment for your pet in their enclosure? Add a background and side walls to provide climbing and basking surfaces beyond just the floor and their hides!

Alice Springs – 4 Foot Reptile Terrarium Background (Universal Rocks product)
$279.95 USD
Amazing back wall that is super easy to install in your PVC enclosure.

Three Dimensions 01 – 3 Sided Reptile Background Kit
$194.95 USD
2 larger rocks and 2 side walls for the sides of your enclosures.

Three Dimensions 02 – 3 Sided Reptile Background Kit
$189.95 USD
3 smaller rocks and 2 side walls for the sides of your enclosures.
Add to any 2 foot high (or less) background to make your own 3 sided reptile background.

Contact us via our Facebook page or email us directly to purchase.